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Francine Moffett by Mriia Francine Moffett by Mriia


Francine “Frankie” Moffett












January 28th

Home Island:

Rapture Retreat


~::If the world is a stage::~

   Narcissistic and a bit of a perfectionist, Frankie is a Diva to the extreme. Her world revolves around her wants and needs, and that's what your world should revolve around too -- at least as far as Frankie is concerned. Its not that she doesn't care about others, she just doesn’t see them as as important. She goes out of her way to impress people she feels are nearly as important as herself.

   Outwardly she may seem sickeningly sweet to people, her voice alway carrying a fake note of kindness.  She doesn't get angry, it is such an ugly emotion after all, but when she gets annoyed she can become very cruel and condescending, pulling no verbal punches.

~::Then we are all actors::~

   Frankie is not nearly as cruel and self centered as she seems, but she is not about to let just anybody know that. It takes quite a lot for her to break character, she is an actress after all, and it would be bad form to do so. She has a fondness for pokemon, often dubbing her pets ridiculously pompous names. Despite outwardly being very self-centered she likes to see people happy, and successful, and will often try to help others, in her own special way.

   Sometimes, Frankie wonders if she has lost herself in the act, if she had blurred the line between what is for show and who she is. When thoughts like those start to plague her mind, she tries to shove them away, preferring to remain in the performance rather than dwell on such issues.


~::Act 1::~

   Lumiose City is the city of light and beauty; a place of art and music where the tourists flock and riches and decadence flow like water, at least, on the right side of town. Like all major cities there is the outside shell that is shown to the world, and then the more residential and grungier sides of the city where people struggle to make due.

   Francine Moffett was born the middle daughter of three girls to a single mother. On the surface they seemed fine, but money was tight. Mrs. Moffett and Grandmother Moffett ran and lived above a small bakery on the residential side of Lumiose City.

   Frankie had one passion growing up, and that was singing. She had a happiness in her voice that could bring a smile to anyone's face in the harsh neighborhood they lived in. Her singing was so lovely that her family stretched every penny they had to get her into singing classes, and these classes would become one of her fondest memories from her childhood.

~::Act 2::~

   As young adult, Frankie didn't have much to look forward to. Putting her older sister through school had stretched their family to the limit, so an expensive fine arts college was out of the question. They could barely afford her singing classes anymore, let alone the idea of sending her to college for something frivolous like music. They wanted her instead to go to a normal, local college, where Frankie could become a respectable dentist, or a lawyer, or something with financial security.

   She begged her mother, wanting to follow her dreams and become a famous singer. That way her family would never have to worry about money issues again. Her mother told her that it was a silly child’s dream and it was time for her to grow up. This cut Frankie deeper than she would ever admit, but she was not ready to throw her dreams away. With the aid of her childhood singing coach--who had grown quite fond of Frankie over the years--she filled out scholarships, applied for grants, filmed an audition tape and prayed for the best.

   Shortly after her 18th birthday she got an acceptance letter with a full scholarship to one of the best performance schools... in Unova.

   Showing her mother the letter, Frankie expected her to be as excited as she was. Unfortunately, her mother was against Frankie living so far away and forbid her from going. She felt that Frankie should have only applied to local schools, and she didn’t want any of her children moving as far away as another country.

   Upset, Frankie packed and caught a plane to Unova as soon as she could, using most of her savings. Having gone against her mother's wishes she had left only a note promising to send them her new address as soon as she had moved into her dorm.

~::Act 3::~

   Unova was a different place, and Black City was darker beast. Lumiose City was warmer and friendlier, and in contrast, Black City was cold and cruel. Her fellow classmates were harsh and goal-oriented, and Frankie had to become like them to do well in her classes and keep her scholarship. Slowly, she started act more like her classmates, wearing their cold and cruel mask, looking out only for herself.

   Needless to say she did not make many friends during her time at school, as none of the other students seemed to interested in being friendly in return. Frankie’s mother was very hurt by her choice, and her family responded to fewer and fewer of her letters. The ones she did receive all held the same tone to them, wishing she had not left, and that she had stayed in Kalos.

   By the time she graduated, Frankie had sculpted for herself a character that she had perfected through school, the sort of narcissistic Diva persona that was expected of her profession.

   Frankie spent several years singing opera in one of the city’s larger opera houses. Her voice drew in a crowd but her personality made her difficult to work with. After a few unfortunate... incidents… that drove off younger singers, her manager gently suggested Frankie take an extended vacation. He even recommended a cute little island chain where Frankie could relax and get in touch with who she used to be.


Opera Singer, actress

Shop Name:

Lady Francine

Stock Type:

Singing, entertainment, voice coaching (Not for the faint of heart.)

Dog Race:


Dog name:

Fluffy (Wuffy Puppykins, the Duchess of Snuggles III)

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:bulletgreen:Singing – She is a very accomplished singer, and has become fairly well known within the Black City Opera crowd.

:bulletgreen:Knitting – Was something that she has done for as long as she could remember, it was cheaper to knit your own scarves and mittens rather then buy them. It became more habit then anything else.

:bulletgreen:Cooking – Growing up in a bakery it was hard not to learn how to cook and bake, she is fairly decent at it, though not nearly as good is her mother.

:bulletgreen:Gardening – She adores flowers of all kinds, and she keeps quite the collection of potted plants and flowers.


:bulletgreen:She has tattooed markings, mirroring the larger leaves of a Florges, that run up her legs and thighs.

:bulletgreen:She knows an impressive amount of children street games, though she hasn't had the opportunity to play any of them in years.

:bulletgreen:Her ankle leaves grow back if broken or removed.

:bulletgreen:She is a vegetarian.

:bulletgreen:She has quite the sweet tooth.

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