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Luka Hobkins - [BRR] APP by Mriia
Luka Hobkins - [BRR] APP


<.< All the cool kids are doing it and it looks like a lot of fun so i wanted to join to...


    Luka Hobkins




    Febuary 14th, Capricorn




    Deadman's Playground


    Fortune Teller

Type of Trainer:

    New Trainer

Favorite Type:

    Luka is partial to Dark type pokemon.

Least Favorite Type:

    Luka dislikes Bugs.


On first impressions he comes off as fairly deadpan with a darker mindset. While his expression rarely changes he generally has a positive outlook on life, trusting in the future that his cards have shown him. It can be hard to tell when he is joking or being friendly, since most words are delivered in the same monotone, regardless of the situation.


He is not sure what town he was born in, or what region for that matter. His family traveled quite a lot. But it can be hard raising a kid on the road. Shortly after his third birthday he was shoved off on his grandparents to raise in Dead Man's Playground. They were hard people, but they were good to their kin. His Gran taught him how to read palms, cards and several other methods of scry into the future. Growing up in such a hard place he learned to hide his emotions from an early age. The weak made easy targets after all.

His parents would visit every year or so, depending if they were in the area. He looked forward to their visits, they would always bring with them the stories about their travels, sparking his own desire for adventure.

But it was not in his cards, at least not yet. Luka had gone from being the one cared for to taking care of his ailing grandparents as their health declined. They had never been rich, alway having just enough to get by. Sometimes his parents would send money home, but it was rare. It was easy to fall into the bad habits of Deadman’s Playground.

The kids he grew up with welcomed him into their gang. He had a knack for picking out fat marks and scowl could be quite intimidating. They lived well for a while, he brought home enough money to make sure his family was comfortable as he did his best not to think about the people he hurt in the process.

After Luka lost them, at 14 and 15, he started to drift away from that way of life. He hated it, taking from others for their own personal gain. But they were his friends, his second family. He couldn’t just leave them. For better or worse fate decided to make his choice for him.

His friends had gone out on a bust he had advised against, and didn’t come back. They had been caught and arrested, leaving only him and a few others free. Luka took it as a sign that he should leave that world behind him. The idea of being a pokemon trainer and traveling the world had always appealed to him, and he no longer had anything stopping him from pursuing that dream.


    -His face is nearly always in a scowl regardless of what kind of mood he is in.

    -He has a bad case of wanderlust, rarely staying in one place for very long.

    -His wardrobe contains more scarves than any sane persons should.

    -He hasn’t cut all ties with his old life, and still keeps in contact with a few of his friends.

    -Luka is decent at slight of hand, often using it during readings to impress, and sometimes falling into old   habits.

    -He is comfortable traveling light, not feeling the need to carry every worldly possession along with him.

    -Luka himself is very indecisive, and will go along with what others choose. If pressed he will consult his cards before giving a straight answer.

Pokemon template is below (feel free at add more details like personality or appearance but refrain from getting rid of the core profile):




OT: (The original trainer; if a Celestially Destined starter please put 'Prof. Larix' if veteran trainer also mention it's your starter. if the pkmn was traded to you please list the character's name and the username of the character's player)


Aiden the Mermaid by Mriia
Aiden the Mermaid
Wee Little Gangly Aiden decided to go as a mermaid for Halloween... Well... A reverse mermaid.
Spartan Aiden by Mriia
Spartan Aiden
Aiden for the HPM sword fighting composition!/reason to draw him in leather spanks and a cape.

: T them abs are totally painted on.
If I were to do them would anyone be interested?
Octopop by Mriia
<.< I finally got photoshop set up how I like it at work...

-rolls on all da brushes-
If I were to do them would anyone be interested?


Rachel Bradley
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Hello I am Rachel Bradley I am an animator and an illustrator from the Portland, Oregon area. I graduated from the Art Institute of Portland. I am an expert in all forms of 2D animation.

For me Deviant art is mostly for play and you will rarely see me post anything beyond art for the groups I am in. If you would like to see my Portfolio feel free to check out my website!!

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MonkeyKingHero Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You do a lot of work, outstanding work. I hope you get noticed for all that you do soon. :)
And I apologise on behalf of some of my friends and former friends before, how they treated you and mytha was wrong. And I extend that openly for all to see. I apologise for everything and hope someday we can start again...
TVPrince Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday!!!! :>  I hope it's absolutely wonderful u v u
Prismshard Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hi there! I was busy for a while and just got around to answering a bunch of rps. I just thought I'd apologize for taking to long. I mean I  took so long that I didn't realize until today that you replaced Rosie. ^-^; Again I've very sorry for basically killing the roleplay.

On a different note, though: I love Frankie's design. ;D
Mriia Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Oooh Its no problem I understand. I am just getting back into RPing myself as I had taken a break for a few months to deal with IRL.  I loved Rosie dearly, but I wasn't prepared for the difficulty of RPing a character with her disability. It worked ok with 1 on 1's but in a group RP it was fairly painful. 

Don't worry I don't think you killed the RP, sometimes people just take some time between posts, I know I do. I did really enjoy RPing with you, so if you ever wanted to RP with Frankie or Liam I would be happy to :D
Prismshard Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I'd love to try rping again in the future!♥
For the moment though, I'm still trying to catch up with everyone. XD
DreamingMystic Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

*throws present at you and then jumps out a window*
Mriia Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Professional Filmographer
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((Hey hey, happy holidays! c: Hope you have a really great holiday season!))
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